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Joshua Nahas has a very exciting, free webinar training coming up that is open to the public:

Out-of-Court Restructurings and Distressed Exchange Offers

The webinar will address the financial, legal and strategic issues associated with out-of-court restructurings including: achieving the requisite consent thresholds, loan only work-outs vs bonds, amendments and covenant waivers, coercive exchanges as well as priming and up-tiering transactions. In addition, the webinar will examine issues related to CODI and the availability of NOLs and basis reductions outside of bankruptcy, exit consents and indenture stripping and lender action clauses. The webinar will conclude with a brief case study.
The webinar will take place on February 19, 2021 at 2pm EST and last approximately 90 minutes.
To contact Joshua Nahas with any questions, please email him at Otherwise, register below.

To register for free, please fill out the form below and Mr. Nahas will send you an invite link to attend on Friday, February 19th, 2021 at 2pm EST:

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Joshua Nahas conducts Corporate Training specializing in distressed credit/special situations, deep value opportunities, trade and litigation claims, as well as event driven situations.

Here are a few articles that Mr. Nahas has written, presentations he has given, course syllabi, training guides, financial models and investment overviews;

TOUSA Two-Step Ruled Fraudulent Conveyance by 11th Circuit Court of Appeals

Trade Claims Primer

Recent Bankruptcy Rulings and Their Implications for Distressed Investors

Click on the links below to download the file (PDF, Word or Excel)

Capital Structuring and Credit Analysis V1

Covenant Overview V3

Credit Training Course Description V4

Dayton Superior Bankuptcy Case Study Model

Distressed Debt Case Studies V3

Distressed Debt Investing Course Agenda V4

Distressed and Special Situation Investing V2

Genco Shipping Overview V2-1

Overview of Credit Agreements V4

Special Situation and Activist Investing Presentation

Trade Claims

Tronox Wharton Class

Please click on the images below for a PDF download


Distressed Debt Case Studies – by Joshua Nahas


Distressed Investing Presentation – by Joshua Nahas


Travelport Presentation – by Joshua Nahas


Dayton Superior Case Study – by Joshua Nahas


Credit Analysis Primer – by Joshua Nahas

Please contact Joshua Nahas directly for more information about Corporate Training.